Goodbye iPhone4s, Hello iPhone6plus!

“Patience is a Virtue” is the best way to describe what I’m feeling when I got my new iPhone6 plus 11 days ago.


My first SELFIE with iphone6 plus 4/11/2015

I’ve been very patient for past year using my old phone that has been acting up for a long time on me like it was trying to say “get a new phone and let me go!“. I told husband to renew my contract and buy me an iphone6 when it got out of the market but he didn’t get me one.After few months when I am getting so tired of my old phone, I told him to just get me a free phone and it doesn’t matter what kind as long as it is functioning properly but he said NO again. I don’t wanna pressure him since he’ll be the one paying our bill and phone so I gave up!


my over 3 year old iphone 4S

The day before April 11,  he got promoted! Yay! But since I already gave up on asking him for a new phone, I just asked for Zumba Shoes! I know it almost kinda priced the same but I know he’d rather buy me what I really need. So we went to the mall and surprisingly, we went to AT&T and asked me what kind of phone I wanted instead of stopping at the shoe store. At first I am no longer excited, it get passed me I guess. But once I got it on my hand and tried it, I was like a 3 year old that gotten a new toy! I was so excited and super happy!



I love my new iphone 6 plus and I am hoping it will last longer that my old one. I don’t need anymore fancy phone, I just want a well functioning one with ofcourse nice camera for my selfie and large memory capacity for all my photos!

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Ideas to Consider Before Getting Dogs

Owning dogs is not that easy job. Most probably, having a pet like them is indeed the best things to have. However, in considering having a pet like them, it is really important to know that you are very familiar of how to take good care of dogs. Just like humans, they need personal care and the like. They get sick too. Thus, before you decide of getting one, it is really essential to at least know what the important things to have at home. Though it is not really required but to keep your dog in good hands, it is much better to have such idea. Ideas like getting to know what are the common meds you can give to them such as carpaquin for inflammation problems they could experience and so much more. Though we know that vets are easy to contact, somehow, having an idea of applying first aid could lessen the problem.

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Bags According to His Likes

Bags are definitely one of the things you can easily give to someone. But when it comes to choosing what particular to give, make sure that you know that person well and take note of when exactly this to give.

There are several bags available which you can use as a present such as yak pak messenger bag, sling bags, and the like. But in doing so, make sure that you know what is his like so that when you give him the kind of bag that suits to him, he would definitely love it. Thus, always know first if what are his likes and the ones he is into so that you would really able to get the perfect bag for him then.

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