Top 10 things to do before you list your home

Homes that have been staged sell 3-10% higher and 60% faster than other homes.  Stage your home before you list your home for sale.

1.  Make a great first impression

Make your home memorable. Home buying is an emotional purchase, with buyers deciding in the first 30 seconds of seeing the home if this is the one.  The front entrance should be warm and welcoming.  Does your home look great from the street (i.e., does it have great curb appeal)?  Your home should be the one buyers want to see the rest of when they enter.


2.  Clean, Clean, Clean

This is something most sellers overlook but the buyer will not.  Buyers will look at the kitchen and bathrooms with a critical eye. So, if the grout around the sink or the shower needs to be recaulked, do it!  Clean the carpets and rugs (this might eliminate any weird odors, too).  If buyers see evidence that they will have to clean and fix things, they will offer less money for the home.  A clean home looks like it has been taken care of and loved. If you need help, enlist a friend or hire a professional cleaning service.


3.  Declutter

Nothing is worse than entering a home with clutter. And, since you are already planning to move, START PACKING!  Get all personal items that you do not need or use packed and stored, such as photographs and children’s art.  You want the potential buyer to see themselves in the home and they can’t do that if all they see is you and your family. Remove magnets and notes from the fridge.


4.  Store it

Most of us have more furniture than we need or use.  Grandma’s chair, or that special rocker being saved for the grandchildren needs to be packed up and stored. Remove any furniture that is not absolutely necessary. If a room is open, it looks large and adds square footage to the home; this is $$$ in the real estate market.  Have the kids put a few toys in special basket and pack the rest.


5.  Let there be light

Open the curtains and let the sunshine in!  You may like your privacy, but the buyer doesn’t want to think about that when looking at a home.  They want to know that light will come in and the house won’t be dark.  Turn on all the lights before a showing or open house.


6.  Neutral background

Look at your walls — are they clean and bright?  Has it been years since you painted?  Neutral walls (not just white) that are clean and have an up-to-date color makes a huge impression.  Make sure your artwork matches your decor tastefully and the scale and size is right for the room and furniture.  Don’t forget the woodwork — make sure it is painted and clean.  If your woodwork is stained, make sure it’s clean and dusted.


7.  Set the stage

Most people only use their dining room on special occasions.  Make it look as though you are having a dinner party in an hour.  Make sure you have a center piece and fresh flowers are an inexpensive way to make someone want to sit down and join the party.  If your home is casual, set a casual table.  If your dining room is formal, pull out all the stops and set it with China.


8.  Empty closets

Empty every closet as much as you can.  Remove out of season clothes.  Pack all items that you are not going to use in the next 3 months.  The kitchen cabinets should not be overlooked, nor should the bookcases, hutches, built-ins, entertainment centers or any other storage space.  You want it to look as though there is room for the buyers’ things.  Buyers will open cabinet doors to see inside, make sure they see space.  If you have a lot of stuff in the attic, basement or garage now is the time to pack it up or get rid of it;  remember you are moving.


9.  Pet smarts

If you have pets, contain them.  Preferably, move them out of the house during open houses.  Find a friend or neighbor to help if you can’t board them.  If you are leaving for a showing or open house take them with you.  Remember that a litter box should always be out of sight and clean.  Pay attention to the yard, when a buyer steps out to see the property make sure they don’t step in anything.


10.  Smells good

Remember smell is a very important sense and your house has a smell of its own.  Does yours have a good smell or a bad smell?  Do you have pets?  Most owners are immune to the smell of their pets and the odor of their home.  Ask a friend who is sensitive to these things to give you feedback.  Does she smell Rover, or the cat?   Can she smell the fish you had last night or your teenage sons shoes?  Odor eliminating sprays work very well, baking cookies or cakes is a good idea, but a high-end home fragrance is another great alternative.

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The Importance of Checking Your House Regularly

Renovating or a simple repair can really be stressful. But if it is for the good of the foundation of a home, it sure is one of the things we need to secure.

When it comes to fixing our home, repairing or renovating is the best action one can do. To keep a good and secured place to stay, checking every inch of the space at home regularly is really essential. In this way, we can easily detect which area of the house would need our attention. Even in choosing a place to stay like moving from one place to another, we only want the best for our family. Thus, checking the possible damage a particular house has is really important. In this way, you can make repair of it before moving in.

One of the things, perhaps, we get to experience is having a weak flooring. Sometimes this occur at the garage part or even in the inside part of the house. Good thing that there are services that can easily be opted should we want to make things work. Wherever you are in the world, you can easily get access to such services. If you are from the US, you can opt for Philadelphia garage floor coating services which surely can provide you the service you need for your home. Should you opt for DIY, that can still be done. But if you have a limited time to do it, it’s best to get the service from the professionals. Aside from being able to get things done easily, you also get what you want and what you pay for.

If it is something you haven’t done before, you better do it now. At least, if you would need help, it won’t be that much since you have prevented it from causing too much damage to your home. Besides, a help is just a call away.

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Instill Team Spirit Through Kids’ Sports Attire

If you follow NFL games or other professional sports organizations and enjoy sharing your passion with your children, buying team clothing for them is a great way to accomplish this goal. From as young as newborns and toddler ages all the way through high school, kids who wear sports attire usually develop team spirit and lifelong passions for their favorite sports. Many clothing companies for kids, including Baby Fans, offer infant outfits designed to promote a wide array of professional sports teams. You can conveniently shop for a variety of products online from the comfort of your home.

Sporting Team Logos
Most infant and children’s sports attire that include team logos are officially licensed by the collegiate and major league organizations. You’ll find many of these licensed sports items at clothing stores, like Baby Fans. From NFL onesies and bibs to jersey shirts, dresses and sweatpants, you can outfit your child with a complete collection of clothing and accessories. This provides a great picture perfect moment, when you want to capture your child’s smile while he or she is wearing team sports gear.

Matching Team Colors
Another way to celebrate your team devotion is to wear their colors along with your officially licensed sports gear. This has been a tradition among fans, especially at home games, since the beginning of major league sports organizations. You can change the attire for each game and use your creativity to showcase your team pride. For instance, if the Green Bay Packers is your favorite team, you can let your child wear a sweat suit or shorts and a t-shirt that match the colors with a Green Bay Packers logo hat. You and your child will also blend in with the crowd of fans who are cheering the same team on.

If you’re a fan of professional sports, like football, baseball, soccer, basketball or hockey, your child can participate in the same excitement by sporting your favorite team colors and logos. Whether you’re attending a game or watching it on television, you and your little one can develop a special bond for the love of sports that can last a lifetime.

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