1 Month is Enough, 2 Months is Too Much, 3 Months is Dangerous, 4 Months is Poisonous!

29 days ago, same time, same date of the month I was crying so hard. Can’t sleep, thinking how my life would become without you here with us. I was so sad and worried. I was so sad because you will not be here with us for few months, I was so worried because we weren’t there to take care of you…I wasn’t there to cook for you, give you your vitamins and prepare for your clothes. Our kids weren’t there to cheer you up when you are stressed. Those days were passed and I am still feeling it. I still feel sadness in my heart. I know that few months later we will be together soon but you can’t blame me for missing you so much. Been longing for your kiss and hug though you said I am luckier coz our kids were here for me to hug and kiss when I am missing you. Of course they are here and I pity you for being alone there. But still, for some reason I am still lonely.
Somehow I am happy. Happy for our kids coz I am sure you can provide them a good future. The money you just gave us when you left is quite enough for us to buy our needs and some wants for our kids. You may not be able to send us some money here for now but I’m sure sooner or later, you will and we could be able pay all our liabilities.
Somehow sad because you’re not here. It’s different when you’re here with us. I miss watching movies with you. I miss you “playing with our kids”. I missed waiting in the evening and have chit chat with you while having dinner. I miss your breath, I miss your linger. I miss all about you! 1 month only and I feel like I’m gonna die already. Thank goodness our kids were here. Thank goodness my mind is still functioning well, thinking of things we could do with our spare time together.
How many more months do I have to wait? 2? 3? oh God not 4 please!!!!
I miss you so much!

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