1st Month in AR!

Hooray to us three…It’s our first monthsary! Time flies really fast right? I didn’t even noticed days  and weeks passing by. Imagine how busy we are, lol. ust kidding about the busy thing. There were times actually that I am bored but thinking on what to cook everyday for tomorrow’s breakfast or dinner keeping me busy and alive! I am inspired in everything I do inside our house maybe that’s why I am not getting bored all the time.

As for my kids are just happy playing together inside the house and sometimes watching in the computer all day. Bringing them outside and taking a walk means so much to them already but that is only when the weather is good. Going to wallmart when needed during weekdays is also one of their fun time. I guess the best day ever for us were Saturdays and Sundays, it’s the only day we can go out and have real fun and adventure! We already visited 3 different parks and now exploring more!

All in all,  we had a great month and hoping for more productive months and years! Cheers to Lising Family!

7 thoughts on “1st Month in AR!”

  1. Bago pa lang kayo nakalipat pala dyan Mam jes? Looks like you adjusted very quickly. Keep up bonding with kids, ma-busy ka rin when ops are raining. hehehe

  2. I hope may ma-meet kayo mga friends for keeps dyan. Dami rin ba filipinos? Nahohomesick din ba kayo? You know naman, iba pa rin ang ingay sa atin.

    Happy weekend

  3. glad to hear that you have a good time na and adjusting pretty well. mommy I now have a blog contest for Mother’s Day that I hope you can join.

    Remembering Mama Contest

    It’s very easy po so I hope you and your readers could join. Please lang ha…begging talaga no? hahaha thanks po!

  4. Congrats on your succcessful moval. 🙂 happy to hear that you are doing great.. of course, if the whole family is together.. what else could go wrong?

    I have an award for your sis at my family blog at the Corsame Lane

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