3 Things about “MARCH” that Excites Me

This WEBSITE is my new website exclusive for my FAMILY. I made this so I could post here our daily experiences as we explore our new life in our soon NEW HOME in ARKANSAS this coming MARCH. Now that is one of the things that made me excited this month of March. Yes, we will soon be living in ARKANSAS, maybe for the meantime or maybe for good (WDKY). But personally, I wish we could settle there forΒ  good if God permitted.

Since this site is very special to me, I spent some money (which I never did for almost 3 years of blogging) to have a very special TEMPLATE, and so that is the second thing that excites me. I am so excited to see this site in it’s new look where all our faces were in the header as a happy family after waiting for 9 months.

Like what I’ve said, it is a FAMILY BLOG and all I am planning to post are all about our family experiences, our daily exploration, and our future dreams together. In that case, I am also plotting a MEME about family! And this is the third one that excites me!

I would like to introduce you our new upcoming family meme, “FAMILY TIME”! πŸ˜€

We all know that how much the dads and moms so busy out there, we still manage to set a day for our family right? Weekends were the usual family time for us, especially for moms like us, agree? I noticed that every time a friend asks me to go out during weekends, I ended up sayingΒ  “NO, I can’t come.”, that’s because I wanted to be with my family. That’s the only time that we are all gathered together. Family time doesn’t requires us to go outside and spent a penny, watching TV together or playing together is already a FAMILY Time for me that’s why I make sure that even at least once a week, we, my husband and I spent time with our kids.

And so this MEME came out in my mind. So be ready to share us what you and your family did this weekend and JOIN us soon!

Did you notice my cute banner? I wanna thank one-day-graphics for this!

Please click the logo if you want one or visit their PAGE in Facebook.


Looking forward to read your family time experience weekly!

Good day!


This blog is like my baby!

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5 thoughts on “3 Things about “MARCH” that Excites Me”

  1. aww, moving na pala kayo sis. kelan despedida?

    I will watch our for this meme. Weekends are the best days of the week because of family time. πŸ™‚

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