4 Ways to Make the Commute More Bearable

Your morning commute can be a frustrating interaction with thousands of other drivers who all need to get to work at the same time as you. There is nothing you can do about the need to drive to work; so long as you need to pay bills, you will be driving to work in the morning. But you can make the morning commute more bearable so time flies as opposed to dragging on. Not only will you arrive at work more relaxed, you’ll be less likely to have a car accident that drives up your car insurance quotes.

Leave Earlier

Yes, this does kind of fly in the face of the conventional logic associated with making things easier, but think about it. There is probably a good chance that you leave at almost the same time as everyone else does and that puts you in rush hour traffic in the morning. By breaking that routine, you can shorten your commute and make it easier to tolerate.

Leave 45 minutes to an hour earlier every day to avoid being a part of the teeming mob of morning commuters. You’ll probably shave 15 minutes off your driving time, leaving an hour for a healthy workout at the gym. Exercise makes yore more relaxed and focused, exactly the right frame of mind for productive work. Of come, you’ll have to join a gym near your office.

Books on CD

The mindless minutes in your morning commute are multiplied by the commercials you hear on the radio. The morning shows tend to be the most popular for each station, so the stations run more commercials to maximize profits. If the conversation or music is boring that morning, then that makes things even worse.

Try a book on CD instead of morning radio or music in the morning. A book on CD will stimulate your imagination first thing in the morning and is not as predictable as the same music CDs or radio programming that you would normally listen to. If the story is good, then it can make your drive seem very quick.

Satellite Radio

You could also get a satellite radio for your care letting you choose from many commercial free stations. Put on a standup comedy station and you’ll arrive at work in a great mood.


Some of your most productive job-related thoughts come to you when you are driving in to work in the morning. You start talking to yourself about a great idea, work out the details i while stuck in traffic and then forget most of it by the time you get in to the office.

Get a digital voice recorder and leave it in your car. When one of those great ideas starts to come to you, turn off the radio, hit record, and start dictating. When you get into work, you will have all of your ideas laid out on your voice recording.

The drive to work does not need to be mundane. If you change your routine a little and try something different, you can make the ride to work bearable and even productive.

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