48 days….yay!

Is it near already? 46 days? I can’t believe it! I can’t believe we will soon fly to US and finally gonna be back in each others arms again. Kids and I missed daddy so much already. We can’t wait counting the days down and finally get to the date of our flight!

May God bless us, I am quite nervous, I don’t know maybe I am too excited. Excited for our new life there. Excited for my kids to experience new way of life. May the Lord help us and guide us.

I am so excited…..

Continue counting few days…..

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6 Responses to 48 days….yay!

  1. nuts says:

    na-eexcite naman ako sa yo lalo at the same time sad kasi magkakalayo na ang buddy and sol, hihi. kelangan ma process ko na papers para makasunod na ko sayo, este makasunod na sa hubby ko..lol.. sana magrant din visa namin.. toink, unang step pumunta ng NSO lol.. bukas punta nko.. =)

  2. Rossel says:

    aalis na kayo? lapit na a. congrats, sis! yes, life is better there.

    btw, i have award for you here…

    please grab it. thanks in advance. mwaaah!

  3. bonz says:

    lapit na, sis… naku di na pala kita makikita if ever mag-attend ako ng events.
    will miss you!

  4. Mayet says:

    wow! goodluck to the whole family and try to relax para beauting-beauty pagnagkita ng hubby:)

  5. Yami says:

    malapit na pala lipad niyo ng mga kids. take care sis ha and good luck sa bagong buhay sa US. uy kita tayo nila nors bago ka umalis ha. :)

  6. Cecile says:

    Wow, tama ang guess ko….san ba dito sa US kayo?
    Madaming nail kit dito kaya wag ka na maghanap dyan…have a safe flight sa iyo at sa mga kids nyo…

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