4th of July with Friends

It’s always fun to celebrate with family and friends! Sharing stories, jokes and laughters is what I mostly missed when I was in the Philippines. I am lucky I’m with my husband and kids but sometimes presence of my family, my cousins and friends is what I missed. I also miss going out almost everyday and go wherever I wanna go. Shopping for fashionable clothes at the mall, hang out at friends’ house, visit the parks,  eat street foods and so many more! Luckily for me, we have Filipino friends here that are feeling the same – missing their family and friends from the Philippines. And that is why it’s always fun to be with them in times like this. Who else you can mingle with and cling to but your fellow ‘kababayan’ who can understand you more than anybody when you’re abroad, right?


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We had so much fun, we had dinner in one of friend’s house then drove to the park to watch fireworks display. For three years stay in here, it was our very first time to watch fireworks with them and it’s really fun!

I hope you enjoyed your holiday too!! Happy 4th of July!!!!

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