90 lbs

 When I was younger, I wish to wear sexy dresses, swim suits or any sexy lingerie. I was so skinny that time but I was thinking why didn’t I do those things I can still do when you are still has the right to do it. I am so frustrated but it’s too late, I am no longer 90 lbs coz I am already 117 lbs! I wish I can still have my 90 lbs weight or at least, no excess fats in my tummy. That is only the problem I am carrying right now, my tummy. I guess it will be there forever since I already gave birth to two lovely kids and I don’t regret it. If God wants to give this belly in exchange of my two lovely kids, I would not change it for the world. But no, God didn’t gave me those ugly tummy, it’s my fault why I have such now. I am lack of discipline and I keep on eating sweets, that’s why. It’s never too late to eliminate those fats and gain my desired weight. I must start to have discipline in my eating habits and add more exercises everyday.  I wish I could start sooner..not later.

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