A Day and a Night in Branson

After visiting TEXAS twice, finally I had to visit another place – the city of Branson in Missouri. First we visited White Water which is one of the silver dollar city’s attraction! It’s a water park with lots of slides that my family enjoyed! After our whole day is White Water we stayed in one of the hotel rooms near the white water – Howard Johnson Hotel. We didn’t able to look for a nice hotel before we travel since this is not a well planned out of town. But this one is just perfect for sleeping, with two double beds, a bathroom, bath tub, hot shower and everything we need for a one night stay. That night we had our dinner at one of the mexican- chinese restaurant – La China Poblana and ordered my favorite chinese special lunch. A fried rice with lots of toppings! Husband ordered for a mexican food and kids ate some Quesadillas. After having dinner we decided to take a look at the surroundings. Very alive night of Branson was so great! There are lots of establishment open at night compared to Arkansas it’s perfect to have a walk in the mall so we headed to Branson Landing. We watched the fountain and took a walk for some minutes. Everybody was all tired so we went back to our hotel to get some rest.

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