All My Bags are Packed I’m Ready to go….

I started packing 2 weeks ago..but I just finished packing just yesterday. I still have unfinished business so right now, I am still busy with so many things. Waaaaaaaaaaaaah….I guess I am just EXCITED and don’t know how to finish everything up! Yay!…..we were soon to be with daddy!


God Bless our TRIP!

1 thought on “All My Bags are Packed I’m Ready to go….”

  1. Oh, this is so sweet and heart warming…I can totally imagine the happiness felt by your family..I am a Pamilyang OFW for 6 years and when my hubby decided to stay here for good…the smiles in my kiddies face and the happiness cannot really be defined by words…Good luck..I am sicerely happy for you and your family…

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