Andy’s Mat is Gone

After daddy brought Andy (our car) to car wash shop last weekend, he noticed that Andy’s mat at the back ride’s area was missing. He was with the two kids that day so he didn’t notice how it was lost. He said he left the car doors open while cleaning up the car and the kids were outside too.  It’s impossible to lose coz it’s inside the car and he didn’t took it off when he vacuumed the inside.  Was it stolen or something? If it was stolen they why the mat? Daddy’s iphone was there too but it wasn’t touch at all. Wondering who could be interested in Mitsubishi’s mat. Funny right? We are not really sure why its gone, now there’s no mat at the back! Husband is now looking for a standard Mitsubishi islander sports’ mat. He tried looking in some shops but they are only selling the common car and motorcycle part and accessories. I guess he needs to go to Misubishi’s office and order for it. Poor Andy.

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