Art in frame

Art gives impact to everyone who sees it. As it shows a message of the artist who made it. It is really indeed very amazing as in every details of the image that is being painted or drawn; there is a message that is wanted to be spoken out. That is how art amazes each every viewer.
My kids love to draw and paint. Sometimes, I allow them to make paintings wherein I can place it in their rooms. I remember one time; they made an artwork which is very impressive to look at. And so what I did is that placed it in a frame and attached on their wall with the use of eye bolts. Even their friends liked it too. Now, every time I make an artwork I always appreciate it by placing their outputs in frames.

1 thought on “Art in frame”

  1. wow.. you’re really sweet ate.. You really appreciate your kids output.. hahaha mama ko kc dati never.. lol.. well, when my son grows up, well, I’ll do the same thing tlaga like how you treat your kids.. 😉

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