Attachable Breast Forms

It used to be that the only solution to women who wanted to have bigger breasts is to undergo the knife and have implants. Although there have been many successful cases, the complaints that started after over a decade from the surgery have been staggering that a women and x-men somehow have the fear to be one of the statistics crying over regrets.

Now it is already possible to have those added frontal sizes by just attaching them more like prosthetics. You can even match the color to your natural skin tone. If you have watched White Chicks, well, that is an exaggeration but has the same principle.

This solution is no longer limited only to anyone who merely wanted bigger boobs for vanity’s sake. Since it is available even for just one boob, those who had breast cancer and had one of them removed can use this and be able to wear comfortable clothing that will not make heads turn because one of them is missing. This is prosthetically needed in this case. At the end of the day if you want it removed then you have the option to be just yourself.

This way, you do not have to worry about any future medical consequence with Attachable breast forms.

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