Back to School Shopping

We started buying kids’ clothes last month since public school don’t wear uniforms I know my kids should have plenty of clothes. I also ordered some coat online. Soon it’s gonna be fall and I am sure it will be slightly cold already and I want my kids to get ready for that while they are being exposed outside  soon. I am also looking for other boots and  dresses for my daughter but shopping online is quite hard since I am not sure it it fits to them or not. I am also having a hard time since my kiddos are very petite and the clothes here were all  plus size fashion even for an adult like me. So for myself I am always looking for a petite section. There’s no such petite clothes for kids But I can order a smaller size clothes compare for their age. For my son Ethan, I am having a hard time for the pants since we all know people here are taller than our race so the pants for his age were all very long. Shoes are okay, shirts are okay too, just the pants. I am ordering online for them since we always have no time to stay in the mall for longer hours to choose clothes. After clothing, I will soon be shopping for their school supplies.

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