Backyard Luaus Bring the Tropics Closer to Home


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Do you see yourself hosting a themed party anytime soon? Well, the good news is there are so many ideas for themed parties out there that you can choose from. At the same time, you could find yourself in a wonderful quandary once you can’t decide which theme to go for since there are too many. You need to sit down with family members (or friends) and discuss which theme to go for. You and others involved in the planning should be on the same page.  

A party theme that never goes out of style and always has something new to offer is Hawaiian. If you decide a party with that theme, you need to keep in mind several things with the aim of bringing the tropics to your home no matter where in the world home is.

What Does a Hawaiian Party Involve?

Your Hawaiian theme party should bring the sand, sea, and surf of the Pacific into your waterlogged backyard. Luau parties never go out of season. If you can’t plan an extended getaway, then you should at least simulate a tropical ambiance indoors. You can find decorations, supplies, costumes, and other stuff you’ll need for aHawaiian party theme at Partiesonline. You’ll be amazed at how the simplest setup emulates a proper beach party.

As is the case with all parties, yours has to invest in the details. A Hawaiian party theme requires specific elements you can’t do without. You can host a luau anytime within the year, but the hot, balmy temperature of the spring and summer seasons set up the proper climate. Indoor luaus in the autumn or winter are somewhat forced. Nothing should stop you from setting up a tiki party, though. Besides, you only need to focus on the key details of a Hawaiian party. Your party is a mere mixer without these.

It’s All about Ambiance

Your Hawaiian party is all about the ambiance. It’s fortunate party suppliers offer packages which accommodate your Hawaiian party theme. Everything from tiki torches to beach backdrops, grass skirts to flower leis. You can even choose from an assortment of canned music. It’s better if you rent a venue with an outdoor pool. This should pull in all the details of the theme. Deck the venue with overhanging palm fronds (citronella for the bugs), upright surfboards, and bamboo and rattan furniture. Make sure everyone dresses according to the theme and arrive in floral-patterned shirts and skirts. Spread sand on the concrete so everyone feels comfortable in barefoot. The straw mats and beach umbrellas should complete the setup.

The Perfect Menu for a Luau

A Hawaiian party theme also plays off on your menu of pickings, though. Serve roasted suckling pig and viands with pineapple pairings. Your cocktail options should be colorful and zesty. Keep the piña coladas and margaritas flowing. You can search tropical cocktail drinks online if you want to set up a bar with a variety of options. Top the glasses with mini umbrellas and lemon rinds. You can also opt for a potluck if you want to simulate a true Hawaiian feast. Potluck parties are common customs in the tropics. Designate the meal contributions so everyone brings something that complements the theme. Marinated and grilled meat, salads, pulled pork, and a variety of fruits ensure variety on each helping. Your Hawaiian themed party should ensure the tropics are within easy reach. A luau can convert your backyard into a miniature beach.

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