What’s in my Vanity Kit?

Every family especially girls have their beauty kit with them. Aside from those make up kits, we also have this beauty kit usually placed in your closet or sometimes in the bathroom or just right in front of your vanity. What’s in you beauty kit? I am not the type of a girl who had so many things in my closet. As long as I have my lotions, my deodorant, my lip balm my¬†Mason Pearson Brushes, mirror and my sunblock for my face is already good for me. I don’t even need powder or any make up to wear when going out. I also need Hair Blow Dryers now that I am here abroad and it’s my first time to have this on my own. I can only experience blower in salons. I’ve been wanting to have Curling Irons too but I can’t buy this time since It won’t be necessary this time. I will buy when I got my job already. What else in my kit? I have my some make up with me like eyeliners, lipsticks, blush on, and powder but I am not using them most of the time. How bout you? What’s in your vanity kit?

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