Bentonville Ark. Garbage On Fire

I’ve heard some banging like 3 times today while blogging, it’s normal when the garbage man collecting all the garbage of the community. But after those banging I heard an explosion once, twice then I worried so I looked outside and saw this lightly dark smoke coming out from behind the other building. Some people were outside already when I peeped out the window. They seemed calmed, I thought there were just some sort of minor thing happening…but after a few minutes another explosion was heard and I saw a woman running from nowhere, and headed to the burning garbage then came out pulling a man’s body while shouting, ‘help help”!  There are couple of people who responded, I can’t go outside coz I have two kids with me so I was just there on the second floor watching from our room’s window. I started to feel nervous when I saw the other girl doing the CPR to the man thinking he was dead already. That’s what I know when you’re doing the CPR right?  My daughter was also worried and keep on asking if he is dead, and I keep on answering No, he’s not dead but my mind was hysterically saying, “Oh My God, I just witnessed a man died from an accident“, but NO, good God didn’t let the man die, they revived them and rushed into the hospital with unknown condition by now. Thank God he’s saved. His work is also hard, I hope he has mortgage life insurance to help him with his finances in the hospital.


The news said the power lines was hit by the truck  and causes fire.  Until now there are crews working on it and cleaning up the mess that the incident has caused.

Another experience for us again and I hope people would learn a lesson from what happened.

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