“Black Friday Sale” Shop Til You Drop!

Last night was an awesome experience for me,  I am not supposed to go shop in store for I know it will be exhausting but for the sake of experience, I went out with my friends and tried how it goes.

We went to Walmart, Black Friday Sale starts at 10 pm, so we came there 30 minutes early. There are plenty of people already and each of them were lined up for their first priority item. I intend to buy a sewing machine that time but husband told me to buy a kitchenware so instead of prioritizing the sewing machine, I lined up first for the kitchen wares and luckily I got one of the Paula Deen 20 pc SET of Kitchen Wares for $86.44 I saved like more than $50! I thought I won’t be able to get another products with low prices coz everybody was getting crazy grabbing limited products in the store. I am lucky I can still able to get the sewing machine I wanted and the other stuff!

This is a nice experience and I am glad I tried it 🙂

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