Blog Addict!

Blogging is one of the things I love to do, infact I have been blogging for 4 years now coz aside from enjoying it, I love the fact that I am earning from it as well. Yeah blogging is my part time job and started to become my addiction. Ever since we moved here in Arkansas, I started to buy domain registrar first for my family blog, next to my kids and parenting blog, then kitchen and food blog, fashion blog, movies and entertainment blog, business blog and so many more! I have more than 20 blogs now, Yeah you read it right, more than 20 and they are all  self hosted.  Imagine how much I am paying for domain and hosting a year? Blogging is like a small business and like all businesses, you need to have an investment to be able to gain from it. I invested TIME, DOMAIN, HOSTING and TEMPLATES for all of my blogs. I love all of my blogs so I wanted them to look nice and presentable. Most of my blogs have personal templates but some are freebies from the net.  I can’t afford to buy personalized templates for now but I wanted to dress the rest of them soon so I still need to save for that. Most of my friends are calling me blog addict but would you believe that there are more blog addict than me having 50 and more blog domains? Yeah! I know some bloggers who has that number of blogs so technically I am not blog addict! 🙂

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