Bon Voyage Daddy!

We send him to the airport this morning. I guess he already flew coz his flight is 7:40am and right now it’s already 8:04am. We already talk last night, I already cried. I thought that’s over. When were in the airport I am about to cry but I didn’t. I don’t want him to see me again crying and I don’t want him to be lonely as I am. But when I got home and enter in our room….I feel so sad. This time really really sad and I can’t hold my tears anymore.
I’m missing him so much. I can’t help myself but cry till this moment. My tears aren’t stopping from flowing. I miss you so much daddy! I know we’ll be there soon but still, 2 months or 3 months is still long for me. You know how much I’m missing you even when your at office in Makati, what more now that you’re gonna work in Arkansas, USA?
How I wish we just go there I wish not to experience this kind of sadness. But it already happened. All I’m asking now to our God is to take care of you. Keep you safe always and keep you happy.

I feel so guilty when I told you I will miss your lips and you said “andyan naman sila Ishi and EThan eh..buti ka pa nga may i ki-kiss eh..ako wala“. You’re right. I have them here and you’re alone there that’s why I am now sadder. I hope you will be okay from your trip till you land there in US and live there while kids and I are not there yet.
I know you’ll be doing every stuff on your own now… I will not be there for a while to prepare for everything you need. I will not be there to make you coffee or milk, I will not be there to give you vitamins so please always remember to drink them okay? You have to wash your clothes, wash dishes, prepare your own food, wake up alone in bed and prepare your clothes for work, those things are not your work and I am so sad can’t do it for you for a while. So please be patient and we will be there soon. Just Please stay safe and healthy.
Oh God I still can’t help myself but cry. Good thing there’s blog, and I’m at least comforting myself by typing every words I wanted to say. Hope you could read this as soon as you arrive there. Feel free to leave your message via comment or send emails to us. I will read them to your kids if your not online. =) We will miss you! I’m sure you’re missing us too. I know….but I understand…this is just the beginning, 2-3 months sacrifice is nothing compare to our Happy future forever.
Again, Just please keep your self safe, okay? Please take care of yourself for now….We will be there soon to take care of you. We love you daddy! We miss you! Please keep in touch and share your experience with us.
See you soon!!!! We LOVE you!!! MWah!

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