Book Review Pending

I am not into reading books or any activity that is related to reading but I really wanna make myself learn how to love it. I started by accepting book reviews. I started with one of the book I got from book sneeze and I chose the one that interests me – ‘The Quotable Rogue’ by Matt Lewis. It’s a book about Sarah Palin’s ideals on her own words. I am reading it when I have ‘spare’ time which is totally I don’t have most of the time because I have some deadlines to catch up. And when I am free, I still need to be in the mood before I read it. I know, I know I have so many reasons right? I told you, I am trying. Guess what? Aside from this book I also accepted some E-books. It’s just a short book but I haven’t started to ready any of it yet. Since it’s an E-book, I can’t read it straight for I cannot last long infront of the computer so I asked husband to look for a¬†book printing¬†company. I wanted it printed like a real book so I could read it when travelling and keep in my collections after. I wish this reviews will motivate me reading books.

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