Can’t Take my Eyes Off Them

I was asking my kids to take their nap for a while but they don’t want to.¬† I am so sleepy during afternoon coz I am waking up early and I really want to close my eyes for some minute but I can’t coz I can’t take my eyes off my kiddos. They are so hyper, they just wanna play or watch or do something they want all day. And If you’re not looking, they might get bored and do something you will surely not like!

Sometimes when I am busy in the kitchen, I caught my son playing with all the cabinets’ knob until they got detached from the cabinets. My daughter is also an explorer, I dunno why they have to look for something else to do than play with their toys? My kids are tinkering when my eyes are off them, now tell me how will I able to take a nap? Did you know that I can’t even take a nice shower without peeping them out every other minute? Yeah and my ears are very wide open, listening to what they are doing. So what I am doing when I need to take a shower already, I will give them a good movie (best if it’s their favorite) to watch so that their eyes will stick for a while in the computer and prevent them from getting bored for at least until I finished my shower. I can’t afford to leave them even a single minute, I am making sure they were not doing things that might get them in trouble or accidents. We don’t have a phone yet so I might have problem in calling¬†emergency assistance, so better prevent accidents right? So there, better look after them everywhere they go than taking risks.

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