Can’t Wait to Have a Job!

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I am thinking what kind of job that fits me and that is above minimum wage. I computed how much will I possibly earn if I got minimum wage paying job. I have seen that in Arkansas, the Basic Minimum Rate (per hour) is $6.25. Got this information from United Staes Depeartment of Labor wage laws site. So if ever I will be working full time 8 hours daily , I will be getting 50 dollars and if I am gonna work 5 times daily, that will be 250 dollars a week and only a sum of $1000 per month. Will that be enough? Is that worth it? I mean, I guess that’s not enough so I have to look for something bigger than that.

I envy my husband’s job, he has a good pay maybe because he is good in his job. I am thinking of something I will excel with and receive a higher pay too just like him and other working moms. I was wondering why some people envy my position as stay at home mom while me so eager to work. Of course I am happy with the fact that I can take care of my family and do stuff that I want but they have no idea how I envy people with careers out there. I wish I got a job soon!  Oh please, USCIS, please give me my permit! 🙂

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