Christmas Gift for My Mama

I was thinking what to give my mama this christmas. Honestly, If I have a job already, I wanted to shop for her and ship it to the Philippines. Unfortunately, I don’t have a job yet and I can’t afford to send a package this time. I was looking over the net looking for some clothes and bags for her, I really wanna shop for her but I am thinking about the size. She seemed to lose some weight when I look at her through the webcam. I remember buying large blouses for her before and ┬áplus size jeans┬ábut now I am thinking if she still has the same size as before. I guess I will just send her money and shope for herself but I am sure she’s not gonna do that. The problem when you give her money, she can’t help her self but use the money for her grand kids. It’s fine with me but I want her to buy something for herself this time. She’s always like that when you give her money, always thinking about her grand kids first. I guess that’s how Grannies making their selves happy. So for now, MONEY is the best option as a gift.

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