Christmas Gift Ideas for Children

A few weeks from now and the family will busy for our Christmas preparations. There are a lot of items on my list that I have to get over and done with before I can fully enjoy the season and the holidays. First stop is putting up the big Christmas tree and the decorations around it. I would love to fill it with shiny balls and dazzling Christmas lights to add a more festive ambiance to the house during this season. I also have to set aside some precious time to buy gifts for the little ones and for my loved ones back home. Am thinking of which toys to buy them that would surely put a smile on their faces. How about some more Barbie dolls or Gears of War 3 beast mode? When they were babies buying them
teething necklace and rattles were okay to them but now that they are grown ups is different! Anyway, I still have a few more weeks to finalize my options before I actually go out to buy them, so good luck to me!

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