Clean and Green this Summer

It is very comfortable and hassle free to live in our apartment in Copperstone Community. Most of the maintainance is on them. From the appliances inside our house, the sink and the air conditioner were under their maintainance. Cool!

Yesterday, my kids  were watching from our window, I don’t know what they are watching but I can hear a machine running. I was curious so I also peeped on the window. I saw a couple of men riding in a grass cutter. They are trimming the grasses in front of each houses to make it look like an eco garden design.  There are plenty of plants around the house.

I wonder how will my garden look like if we have our own house already? I was a big garden with a beautiful garden like a Sydney landscape. I want a plants in every corner of the house and a waterfall in the wall like in water features Sydney. Green and eco friendly house is very nice to look at. I can’t wait to design my future garden someday.


3 thoughts on “Clean and Green this Summer”

  1. Great that most of the maintenance and cleaning chores of your house are taken care of by the apartment host. Having an eco garden design in your garden is a great way to maintaining one’s garden. Having Sydney landscape in your garden makes it more sophisticated and elegant. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

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