Condo Turn Over

Finally our condo unit turned over already. We’ve waited for it for almost three years now and husband was working so hard to pay for the down payment. Now that it’s turned over, we were hoping it would give us passive income. Last week mom in law took the key of the unit comes with the other things in the turn over kit.

Turn over Kit

We can finally have it rented. I have talked to a broker to look for a tenant and we were hoping they could find one immediately. We haven’t decided yet if we were going to furnish the unit or just leave it bare. If I am to ask, I’d rather want it to be furnished, put basic furniture and upgrade the floorings thru pergo. I wanted to put a double deck bed, a sofa and a folding study table too. In this case, we can charge the tenant a higher rental. But if they chose to have a bare one then we are also open with that. I just wish we could get a tenant soon so our expenses will be lessen.

Berkeley Residences @ Katipunan Ave., QC


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