Daddy is Sick =(

It’s so sad that husband is sick for 5 days now…Last Friday he wasn’t able to go to work because he’s not feeling well. He tried to rest during weekends but his condition never change a bit. He already took paracetamol for his soar throat, his housemate gave him antibiotic but he still not feeling well. Monday he decided to at last visit a doctor. He’s been trying to self medicate and if possible not to spent dollars for check up. (Kuripot talaga!) Thank goodness he already visited a doctor! Doctor said it was “pharyngitis”….again!?! This kind of disease loves my husband! Hope he get well soon. I am so worried about him thinking what might be his illness again. Thanks to our dear Lord for not giving him a high fever which I am so anxious about.
Now that we know his illness, I am hoping that he finally get over this ‘pharyngitis’ and never have any kind of sickness again.
God Bless my husband for he is alone there. No one is taking care of him. God is our only HOPE, He is the only one who could guide and protect my husband.
God Bless him oh Lord as you bless us here…many thanks to you!

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