Daddy Wants a Waffle Maker

Ever since daddy experienced to eat a ‘make your own waffle’ in a hotel twice, he is now dreaming to have a waffle maker in the house. Waffle is yummy and just like pancake, it is also easy to prepare and eat for breakfast. Now we were looking for a nice waffle maker.

Oster 3874

The waffle maker we saw and used in the hotel was like this.  We really don’t know what’s the best waffle maker we could use that’s why we are still canvassing and reading some waffle maker reviews for more options. Since kids love to eat waffles, we wanted to have a very durable waffle maker to ensure that we can use it for  a long time and not just for some months and so. For now we haven’t found one to buy yet. Husband will be the one deciding about that since he’s the one buying it. 🙂

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