Daddy’s Birthday Today

It’s 1:17 AM here in the Philippines…I waited in purpose coz I wanted to greet husband on his day even only via facebook.
It’s been a long time, I never noticed that 5 more days to go and he’s already 2 months in the US. Let me guess what you are thinking right now?! You might wanna say congratulations to me coz I surpassed 2 months without my husband by my side? No. You’re wrong. Coz until now, there were days that I am crying at night. Suppressing my feelings every now and then. It was so hard. Thanks to the series I am watching coz it makes me so busy. Thanks to my gym mates who are always laughing with me during our session. Thanks to FB who’s always been my outlet. Thanks to my kids who are there with me, who are there kissing and hugging me. But honestly, as I write this, I am missing my husband so much and I can’t help myself but dry.
Today is a very special day, his birthday! I am so grateful and thankful to the Lord for giving me a husband like him. That’s why his birthday is so worth celebrating.
“I love you my dear husband. Happy Birthday! I miss you so much! Have a great day…enjoy your day!
How I wish we were there for you…..We love you!”

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