Dad’s ‘Pork Giniling’ SOLD OUT!

Daddy did the cooking again last night!

When we arrived here, daddy was always cooking our meal (except for breakfast and rice, that’s my job. lol) but Daddy is busy sometimes so I don’t like bothering him to cook for us anymore and take his rest instead. Last night, I supposed to cook but he claimed the cooking before he left for work in the morning so I did let him cook when he came home in the evening. He seem inspired and not busy at the same time maybe because the last time he cook ADOBO for us, the kids loved it and they ate a lot!


This time he cooked ‘pork giniling‘, I prepared the ingredients as always, coz he don’t like cutting and peeling, he just wanna cook.


I let the kids join us in our kitchen, I asked them to peel off the boiled egg while me cleaning up my mess in the sink.

After few minutes, the meal is ready…


…and kids ate a lot again!


Pork Giniling – SOLD OUT!

Everybody’s plate is empty except for Ishi for she had another batch of rice in her plate.

What a nice and happy dinner. I’m sure daddy was very fulfilled cooking!

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  1. mukhang masarap nga – naubos! thanks for following. followed you back, mommy. it sure is a good thing that your family’s together finally. God bless! 🙂

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