Day Trader Wannabe

My husband said he’s going to teach me how to Day Trade. I said I don’t wanna get involve with anything to do with numbers hahahahah! I have no idea about stocks and how it runs but I have this idea that it is COMLICATED.  My husband gave me this link to read first, some definitions that I already heard but no idea what it means.  Ofcourse I didn’t finish reading it, my brain don’t seem to care about the definition aside from the fact that reading doesn’t interests me.  But how can I learn if I don’t read? Yeah I heard that a lot of times but instead I decided to just go to the site where I can look at the interactive graph and started from there.  I am no expert here, I am beginning to learn and hoping this could benefit me someday.  So far, all I learned is  to watch the graph go up and inform my husband (who’s at work), read the news for it has a big influence on stock  movements.  I wish to learn more about it and soon, I hope I have my own money to invest!

Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 11.51.27 AM

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