Desktop Or Laptop

It has never been as many today than it has been a couple of years ago that laptops are the more opted for than desktops. Why? Should you follow suit? When should you choose one or the other?

Whether you are working
towards a computer science major
or just attend computer classes,
you will ask yourself these questions.

Go for laptops if you are frequently on the move, going from office to office, town to town or even country to country and you expect to be connected to the internet any time you wanted, anywhere you are. It is also preferred if you are frequently giving presentations to prospects or reports to your bosses especially if you are part of the corporate ladder. If you are just writing, like blogging, going for a laptop would be a great choice.

Go for desktops if you are usually found in one place like at home or just in the office, not going from one place to another. If you are working on graphics, it is also better to use desktops with big monitors. Notice the Macs? You can display the full broadsheet in one screen display! Since they are rather the most expensive, you can opt for a lesser cost like hp desktops but can still do the work you mean to do.

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