Do You Believe in Predictions?

Just last month, there’s a prediction from this man telling the world is gonna end already. Thank God it didn’t happen, ofcourse it will never happen. I didn’t know if someone believed but I have read some articles after that prediction that there’s an old lady who donated every little cents she has to the keen of the man who predicted the future. I don’t remember already the link, it just came in to my mind again this day. I was just thinking, why would someone do that? Did he do that on purpose for some gains? Oh anyway, whatever happened, may the Lord seek the truth. So do you believe in predictions? Maybe yes if you can really tell what you want to be in the future. It’s up to you right? If you can predict that you will be a president someday then you have to strive hard to become one, so partly, I believe in prediction. But it is still possible not to happen. Only GOD knows.

Who could possibly tell our exact future but our Creator, right? He is the only One who could tell everything and no one could ever predicts that.

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