Dreaming of Another Car

Our car is the very first investment we had here, so it has a sentimental value to me and especially to my husband. He even told me that he called up several companies just to get vehicle insurance quotes, because he want to find a company that offers the best premiums.

Now, we’re planning to save up for another car. Perhaps the one that we would save for would be mine. Maybe I’ll soon learn how to drive. It is a welcome thought, considering it’s not easy to get around here with kids in tow if you don’t know how to drive. So now, I am already reading about how to get affordable car insurance just in case we finally get a second car.

I want to be able to choose the right company who could offer us a coverage that provides liability for property damage, bodily injury, and third party liability. I know that that kind of coverage may cost me a huge premium, and while that’s quite understandable, I’m still hoping to get discount auto insurance for our future (second) vehicle. I’m keeping my hopes up. It’s all a matter of positive thinking, that’s why I’ve started thinking positive thoughts already.


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