EAD Update

Finally  was able to submit my EAD application. And I also received a text message and email that they already received it and soon be processed. I am now waiting for my receipt to be mailed at home and then wait for 90 business days for result. I am hoping and praying that it will be approved soon.

I am feeling nervous, I am now counting days and imagining myself working soon. It’s been four years now that I am a WAHM SAHM. I am considering myself as a SAHM (Stay at Home Mom) because my work before were just part time but I am happy with what I am earning. But I missed working! Yes working in an office, I know some of you longing to be a SAHM and it’s funny coz I am longing to be an Employee! Many of the people around me doesn’t have an idea how much I wanted to work ever since. I just can’t do it because my kiddos presence is holding me back. Personally I wanted to dress up everyday to work, commute, socialize with co workers and do some errands that my boss would ask me to do but as a mom, I really don’t wanna miss my kiddos milestones especially their activities in school. Now that we were here, I guess I don’t have a choice but to work since everybody here is working ad the school is considering that all parent’s are busy so they are the one’s adjusting for the schedules. I am sure husband and I can make it together. Manage our schedule better so we could still have time for each other especially for the kids. We really need to do this, we wanted to give everything to our kids needs especially in their education. I need to work to  provide us a life insurance and health cards. You’ll never know, so just in case so I am inquiring and getting quotations with good and affordable terms now. Aside from our needs, working together can help us save more for our early retirement (husband wants us to retire early). LOL

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