Easter Schedule for Orchards Park in Bentonville

Easter is fast aproaching! My kids and I aren’t ready yet. They need new basket for theirs are already broken. It served it’s purpose for 4 years so I guess it’s time for us to get a new one!

This year, we plan on going to Orchards Park again on Saturday and then celebrate with Filipino friends (like we yearly do) every Easter Sunday.

Below is the schedule for Orchards Park Egg Hunting. I suggest you don’t expect too much eggs coz you won’t get that many unless they noticed from last year how frustrating it was for the kids to get only one egg or two. But they are lucky enough coz most of the kids didn’t get anything! I promise! I witnessed so many kids end up crying after the hunting. I’m glad my kids have plenty of eggs at home so didn’t throw a tantrum on me for getting 2 pcs each but instead enjoyed all the bouncy houses in the park (thank goodness!) Also did fly a kite and enjoyed some delicious funnel cakes! So before you plan on going, let me give you a piece of advice, BRING YOUR OWN EGGS! 🙂

Easter Schedule


Last year’s Easter Egg Hunt at Friend’s House 2014


Easter Egg Hunt at Orchards Park 2014

1497845_623403021084638_215300177841418206_o– Kids and the Bunny!


– Kids loved the bouncy houses!

10295212_623402991084641_902939086691778127_oOne of the Hunting Area

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