Ethan’s 4th Birthday

It’s our son ETHAN’s 4th birthday yesterday, it was a fun birthday for my baby boy. He enjoyed it even he only have few’ guests who were able to make it there in Jollibee Metropolitan in Macapagal near SM Mall of Asia. I know it’s kinda far but I believe no matter how far the place was if you really wanna come and celebrate with us, you will surely gonna be there so I appreciate the effort of  my son’s guests who were able to come. So sad some can’t really attend due to some reasons. But it’s okay, Ethan enjoyed his birthday and that’s the most important thing right?

Ethan with Lolo and Lola

Ethan and his CAKE

I didn’t expect he’ll love his special guest – Jollibee! I know he loves Jollibee but I was actually not expecting he’ll LOVE it much that day. He was hugging Jollibee and he’s so happy and doesn’t want Jollibee to go after his dance number.

Look  ETHAN so sweet with Jollibee

Jollibee with Ishi, Lola Mama and EThan

So sad husband wasn’t able to see the party live via Skype because the poor place doesn’t have a wi-fi! But it doesn’t matter coz I recorded some special part of the celebration for daddy to watch.

Jollibee and Kids

I wanted to thank all our guests, I am really happy they made it despite of how far the place was and how early it was. Special thanks to Aleckza (Ethan’s classamate) and her mom, my super early guest.  The party is 10am but it started late like 10:45 already. I also wanna thank the parents who exerted an effort with their kids’ costumes, I love you all guys! Your kids deserve the gifts I have prepared for wearing their costumes!

Kids in Costumes

Prizes for Best in Costumes, 1st and 2nd runners up 😀

Prizes and Giveaways

I will post the whole party  experience in MY LITTLE ANGELS blog so I could share how my Super Ethan Jollibee Party went so well and so jolly!

Ethan @ Home slicing his cake and opening his gifts

Again thanks to you all! Thanks to our Dear GOD who made this party possible and thanks to my parent in-laws who always there to support me and my kids  in everything!

Happy Birthday ETHAN FRANZ!! Daddy, Mommy and Ate love you so much!

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