Ethan’s 5th Birthday Cake

We were so lucky to have a friend here in Arkansas that is very talented in so many ways. One of them is Baking and Decorating a cake! Look at my son Ethan’s Lightning McQueen Cake with cupcakes!!!

 I guess this was her first time to make a lightning mcqueen but not the first time to make a car cake coz she made bumble bee car cake few months ago for her husband. She also made Ishi’s 6th birthday BARBIE cake last November!

My kids enjoyed their party and the same time, they enjoyed their cakes too! Our visitors were so amazed with my kids’ cake. Cake is one of the most important thing during birthdays, I really want my kids’ cake special and I am so thankful with my friend here!

So if you need cake, just visit her site in facebook A Lot of Sugar and order now! You can order cake for your birthday, your kids’ birthday or for a friend whom you cannot able to visit on their birthdays, send a birthday cake if you can’t be there !

More Photos of the cake here….!

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