Exspiral Veggie Spiralizer ( Spiral Slicer ) Review


I would love to thank Expiral for my very usefulĀ Exspiral Veggie Spiralizer ( Spiral Slicer ). I received this product for reduced priced from Amazon in exchange of honest review. Let me start with the packaging, the product was delivered in proper condition, a little bit bigger box but I guess that’s their smallest for this product. It also came in time like what it says when you ordered it.

I love this product, this is very useful in the house. I used it to slice this carrot for salad and sometimes for other purposes like when I needed a ground carrots for my “lumpia”, I slice it with the spiralizer first then grind it. Super easy to use and no worries about cutting your fingers on accident. It came with lid and small brush too. Super easy to clen and store.

I hope this review helps a lot of consumer out there and thanks for visiting!

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