Fairy Hobmother Strikes Again!

I am so lucky that my fairy hobmother visited me again this week! I feel blessed!

It’s been a month since I first heard about the hobmother and I was very curious about her. I’ve been reading a lots of compliments and stories about him and hisย fairy overlordsย too! Most articles that I’ve read about him were all inviting everyone to comment in their sites so they can have a chance to receive gifts from the fairy hobmother. I got curious and excited so I comment in one of my friend’s post about it and luckily he picked me up not just once but twice! I love you fairy hobmother! May you have more pixie dusts to shower to all of us bloggers ๐Ÿ˜‰

TO all BLOGGERS out there who wants to receive gifts from the Fairy Hobmother, COMMENT in this post and leave your website, who knows, you might be the next lucky blogger the Fairy Hobmother will soon visit!

4 thoughts on “Fairy Hobmother Strikes Again!”

  1. I commented several actually, many times and I am continuously hoping that I will also be visted by the Fairy Hobmother…

    Unfortunately I am not as lucky as you peeps ๐Ÿ™

    I hope that the fairy will come by my humble abode.

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