Family Portrait in Canvas

I will not deny my addiction to photos, honestly, if there are important things I’m supposed to save in our house if it get caught on fire, I will probably grab our photos first! I think my family and my friends are expecting that already. Like what I said in my recent post, I am so fond of pictures! I will never miss any occasion without photos, every single event I have photos especially when my kids are involved. I love printing my family or just my kids photos and hanging it all over our house. That’s why I am so excited when we got our new house coz I am planning to put pictures in canvas all over!

Canvas is the modern way of preserving and displaying our photos on the wall or any other part of your house. It’s very light, easy to hang and no need to wipe dust or no more worries when kids run around your house. I fell in love with this when I first saw it online. I tried ordering different canvas already from different printing store. I really can’t tell yet which is better until I came across one of the canvas store online.

  Canvas Press offered me a gift of 16 * 20 with 1 and 1/2 inch width stretched canvas! I printed one of my family portrait and I am so happy with the result! Ordering photos on canvas is very easy. Just go to their site create your art, upload photo you wanted to print, select the size you want, crop image and add to cart! Wait for couple of days, depends on what kinds of shipping you want and viola, you’re gonna have a wonderful canvas!


Like what I said I am happy with this canvas, fast delivery, safe packaging, and nice printing! Now I have additional collection of my photo canvas prints and finally I found a perfect printing store I can trust!


These are just some of my collection of canvas since we moved in our new home 7 months ago, and hoping to have more soon!

2 thoughts on “Family Portrait in Canvas”

  1. beautiful family portrait 🙂 we also have our family portrait taken annually, thank you for giving me an idea, i will have our next year’s family picture be printed on a canvas too 🙂

  2. I envy your collection! I hope to get our canvas portrait soon, so ironic that I have so many photos but none in canvas lol. love your wall!

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