Family Time #10 Dinner @ Mc Donalds

Family time is up!

How you doin? How was every body’s weekend? We had a busy weekend this week and some kinda bloopers but I am still glad we had some family time this weekend. Last Friday, we were supposed to go to a friend’s house again and have our dinner there for some farewell party. We’re already in front of the place when husband realized he mistakenly thought it’s Friday. We have no choice but to go back home, kids were so frustrated so the daddy asked an apology On my way back home, my daughter ISHI asked her daddy if he can buy a burger for her. So as a payback to his kids, he brought them to McDonalds. Kids were so happy they can able to play in McDonalds for a short period of time. Yeah we stayed there for like 30-45 minutes coz McDo is up to 9 in the evening only but the kids had fun. Here’s some of the pictures while in Mc Donalds….

Mc Donalds Play Area

kids were so excited to play…they immediately removed their shoes and sock and forgot about the burgers

cheeseburger meal (2 pcs cheeseburger, 1 medium fries and medium coke), chicken burger meal (1 pc chicken burger, 1 medium fries and medium coke)

we ordered 2 meals only coz daddy just had some adobo meal at home before we left

Ishi excited to eat burger
yummy burger!
hmmm...yummy fries!


I so love Mc Donalds here coz drinks were refillable!



9 thoughts on “Family Time #10 Dinner @ Mc Donalds”

  1. McDo ftw! 😉 They are refillable here too but on certain branches lang…so happened that the one near us is, may McCafe pa kaya solb! 😀

  2. ay kala ko wala pa ito e hehe joined na mommy. i so like the fact that u have a boy and a girl…sana mag ka boy na din ako 😀

    btw, ganda nga dyan ang mcdo no? very big orders and refillable pa ang drinks! weee

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