Family Time #15 Will be in TEXAS…part2!

My early Family Time Share!

I am launching my FAMILY time this week early coz we will be leaving for TEXAS again this evening. We will be back maybe on Sunday and that is MONDAY already in the philippines so I don’t wanna be late and rushing my post for this week especially that if you may notice my site is in process of  Host Transfer. I can’t post much this time and I am sure this post will be gone after my transfer so I am backing it up. Just in case, let me share to you our family picture taken at Bowling Lane in Fast lane after our bowling game.


This photo was from our friend who happened to be in there too so she took a photo of us! Thanks to her, coz it’s been a while since we have a family shot!

See you again next week, I can’t wait to share to you our TEXAS ADVENTURE PartII 🙂

See you guys!

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