Family Time #16 Trip To Texas (Dallas World Aquarium)

Welcome to the 16th edition of FAMILY TIME! I am sorry I’m late 😀

Hos was your weekend? As for us, we just stayed at home, watched movies, cleaned the house and cooked with the kids. For this week’s edition, I would like to share our family time in Texas last week.

Visit in Texas for the second time around DAY 1 – The Dallas World Aquarium Visit

We left Arkansas at Friday night and we arrived at TEXAS Saturday 2AM. First day, we have our Lunch at Kirin Restaurant and then visited The DALLAS World Aquarium.  Located in North Griffin Dallas.  We paid like more than 70 dollars for the four of us (Adults – $20.95+ tax while Children(3-12 years) – $12.95 + tax) and it’s worth it. Not only the kids enjoyed the view but husband and I did enjoy it too!



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