Family Time #18 Sesame Street Party

Hello everyone! It’s family time once again and I am sorry for posting it late. We were fully loaded this weekend and even neglected my opps 🙁

But anyways, it’s alright coz we had a very fun weekend this week! We started to become busy last Friday, we did our last minute shopping for our sesame street shirts to be worn on the party. Husband was very busy so we didn’t have time to look for shirts ahead of time. Good thing there are always available in walmart 😀

Saturday is the party but before that, I am very busy pumping balloons and made some balloon arts of Elmo, Cookie Monster and Big Bird 🙂

The party was awesome! Most of us were Filipinos but there are few that are not but they sure enjoyed the party too. Foods were great of course coz it’s Filipino foods, the games are fun where both adults and kids enjoyed. Lots of freebies and prizes were given and ofcourse our family didn’t let the games pass without us winning! 🙂 We love games!

Here’s our photos 🙂



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