Family Time #2 Cold Weekend

Welcome to Family time!

It’s our 2nd week now … we were few last week but I am hoping our family will grow sooner with your help ofcourse!

So, how was your weekend? The weather wasn’t so good here in AR last wekend coz it’s raining and super cold. We didn’t have a chance to go and visit another park so here’s what we have done for 2 days…

SATURDAY afternoon..


my precious…


me and my precious, I can’t make them look at the camera, they’re busy watching while me busy setting up my cam’s timer back and forth just to take some pics of us 😀

This was our alternative when we just have to stay at home during weekends. We all love to watch so we can just watch all day if we want to.

Sunday, here’s the continuation of our movie marathon …

PhotobucketWe let the kids sleep for a while (kulet does but Ate didn’t)  so dad and I could do our thing (don’t be so green, what I mean is that dad has to do some work and sometimes he has to play and me has to blog) before the movie marathon starts.

Photobucketgood thing Ishi has initiative, she took this shot while were munching dad’s favorite tacos

After our diner, shower and all, we are all ready for the marathon 😀

Photobuckethow come they were so serious? :-0

PhotobucketAs if I don’t know this shot hahahahah!

It’s another great week we had, may God continue to bless us and keep us safe! Have a great day ahead!


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I also wanna share this in whatta wonderful week!



10 thoughts on “Family Time #2 Cold Weekend”

  1. sorry, ikaw lang talaga ang adik sa picture.. as you see, busy sila, ok? naman? so i thought unaware kayo sa shot na yun sa last pic. kala ko naka-auto na setting ng camera nyo inside the house as in every moment.. lol. happy family time!

  2. @nuts: wahahahahha uu nga ako lang ang napag hahalatang adik :)) ina abuse ko na sila pinipuicturan ko ng kung anu anu ang itsura :))

    Ung cam ko nsa table lang lagi tabi ng lappy :)) sa tuwing may ma spot-an ako n moment d ko pinapalagpas…wala n magawa asawa ko kundi umiling nlng ng umiling :))

    TO ALL: thanks for joining!

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