Family Time #21 Happy Birthday Daddy!

Happy Birthday to Daddy!!!!! Today is his real birthday but he celebrated it on my birthday last week with me and our AR friends. Daddy is one year younger than me so he’s 29 years old today. I just wanted to take this chance to greet him HAPPY BIRTHDAY and to tell the world how lucky we are to have him as my husband and father of my kids.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY daddy! May you have more wonderful birthdays to come, wishing you good health and more blessings!Last night we attended Max’s Birthday party, he’s a dog and he turned 42 dog years (6 human years ). We have our dinner and chitchats with our fellow Filipinos. Kids played again with their kuyas and watched some movies.  But before that we went to Walmart to do the last minute shopping for Ishi’s school things.  We are all set! Monday is gonna be Ishi’s first day in school while daddy and I will be attending Ethan’s school Orientation. Hope everything will turn out good for all of us this school year.  Goodluck to mu husband who’s gonna be my son’s driver and goodluck to Ethan for starting to be away from me for almost a day and goodluck to my daughter Ishi for riding her school bus. And last but not the least, goodluck to me in waking my kids early in the morning and take care of all of the cooking, preparing and so many more for my kiddos every day!

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