Family Time #22 First Week of Classes

5 months ago when I started this meme, I am glad we made it to the 22nd week!

Another wonderful thing worth sharing this week was our kids’ first week in school, we survived very well this week! So very happy that I didn’t have too much problems with my two students. My daughter Ishi love her school. She love riding in school bus and she seem enjoying the new environment and her new friends. She is also doing good in her class. I am so proud of my daughter. For my son, he seem to be adjusting till now but he ┬áis doing good compare to when he is studying in our country before. We don’t have problems on waking him up anymore, he is also eating his breakfast at home and in school. Yes he has two sets of breakfast because they have free foods in school and despite of that he still wants to eat something at home so we are just letting him eat hoping he would gain some weight.

I am glad my kids are both doing fine. I hope this will continue till the classes end.

Have Blessed week everyone!

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