Family Time #33 Ishi’s 6th Birthday @ Jumpzone


It’s my 6th Birthday of my daughter Ishi today, November 14th but since It fell on Monday, we celebrated her birthday last Saturday with some friends and classmates at Jumpzone.

My daughter Ishi really love to have  a party, two months ago she keep on telling us that she wanted to invite her classmates and friends at home, decor the house with balloons, make goodies bags and she wanted to have a barbie cake. The truth is, we don’t have plan on having a party. What my husband have in mind is to buy her a barbie doll house coz that’s what she wanted and I will be buying her a leap frog. Fortunately, the grandma in the Philippines told us to throw her a party and she will give her share and so I started to look for a place last month and found Jumpzone.

Jumpzone is an indoor play area with lots of inflatables. It was a nice place, the kids love it. Kids are left in their care but parents has to sign a waiver. It’s my first time to experience this so I’m a little bit disturbed coz I am the host, but I guess parents here were used to this kind of set up already since they know that personnel have child care training so it’s safe to leave their kids anytime.

After one hour play in the play area, all of the kids were gathered by the host for pictorial and head upstairs for eating and party time.

Jumpzone prepared a cheese pizza and a juice for kids which originally comes with the package and we just added supreme pizza and soda for adults. We also prepared some cupcakes for desert.  It’s our first time to host a party here and I love our experience.

Ishi was so happy that her classmates and friends were able to celebrate with her. She’s also happy with her presents. My husband and I were so fulfilled to see her so happy. Now, we are preparing for our son’s upcoming birthday on January 15th. I hope that he would get a party too just like Ate and be able to invite his friends too.

Happy Birthday Baby Ishi!

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